Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Thirty Things About Me

I've seen this post floating around on a few of my favourite blogs, namely gininateacup and bowtiesarecool so I thought I'd jump on the metaphorical bandwagon!

1| I was born in North London and I have lived here all of my life!
2| I would love to move to Bath in later life.
3| I am a self taught guitar player and still don't know the name of some chords I play.
4| I love filling my room with sweet little trinkets and pictures in ornate frames. My friends call it the museum of Sophie.
5| Ikea is my most favourite shop in the world and I could spend a lifetime wandering around in there.
6| I was on holiday during the London riots in 2011 and watched my workplace being smashed in live on International news. Lovely!
7| I have one brother, he's called Kieren and he's 15.
8| I love floral prints far too much, and my room is plastered in it.
9| I'm obsessed with the Beatles and can never decided whether I love Paul or George more.
10| I think Canterbury is my most favourite place in England and I wish I could spend more time there!

11| I love Lady Gaga and I have been a little monster for a very long time.
12| My record player is my most prized possession and I believe my record collection is invaluable.
13| I grew up listening to the Mamas and the Papas, courtesy of my Dad.
14| I collect COMPANY magazine.
15| I've been performing in Musical Theatre for 17 years, my first show being 'Underneath the Arches' when I was 2 years old in 1996.
16| I love birdcages and my room is littered with them.
17| I am a massive Doctor Who and Sherlock fan, like, on a proper fangirl level.
18| I have books upon books of songs I have written, but refuse to read some of them.
19| My boyfriend is 6'6" and is still taller than me even when I wear heels!
20| My favourite musical is CATS by Andrew Lloyd Webber.
21| I changed schools for 6th form. In some ways I regret it because I left my friends, but if I had never left I would never have met some of the most amazing people I know, including someone who was and is still very special to me.
22| I hate the 'Real Housewives' franchise, but I'm forced to watch it by my Dad who is obsessed.
23| I adore Gothic novels and my favourite author is Emily Bronte.
24| I describe my fashion style as 'Vintage', but can never pinpoint an era as it changes all the time, all the way through from 20s to 90s!
25| I love love love cats, and I have two of my own; Pepa and Boo. I am even planning a cat themed tattoo.
26| I miss having an HMV in my town and I'm so sad that it's gone!
27| I had an operation on my nose in January to fix my sinuses.
28| I love Primark and I'm not afraid of saying that!
29| I love David Tennant with all of my heart and have done so for just under 10 years.
30| I have my wedding planned out in my head already!


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