Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Feeling Vivacious in the Vivi! - with LindyBop

I'm coming clean. I think I'm a Lindy Bop addict... and this is just fueling the fire!

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to win the Sunday Selfie competition on LindyBop's Facebook page, winning £100 of vouchers to spend.
I didn't actually realise at first, and only found out when my beauties The British Belles told me on WhatsApp! Oops!

I was absolutely overwhelmed and immediately had tab upon tab of beautiful dresses open on Google Chrome, oohing and ahhing at things I had been lusting after for so long.
After much deliberation, these are the dresses I chose, and because of my new copper locks I though some gorgeous green dresses would be great new additions to my wardrobe!

And that's it... or so I thought! Adding LindyBop's 20% off festive offer into the equation, I managed to nab myself a Peggy circle skirt in red too! Score!
I will be reviewing all of the dresses individually but today I thought I'd start with the Vivi, a dress I chose in hopes that I could wear it to work to comply with the 'all black' uniform policy, yet still with a vintage twist!
Me in the Vivi!
Belt - Charity Shop
Shoes - Primark
To start, I feel like the Vivi was made for me. If my confidence was dwindling before, it definitely gets boosted again when I pop on this wonder of a dress!
The fabric is a lovely thick cotton with a decent amount of stretch, which I'm grateful for!
I decided to size up from my usual 12 to a 14 as I thought I may need a little extra room for my upper arms as noticed in my Holly dress that I purchased from Lindy Bop in September. 
Luckily, that was the right choice and an elasticated belt helped to cinch in my waist, compensating for the excess fabric gained from going up a size.

The skirt is not a full circle however the amount of fabric does give that authentic 1950s look. The deep scoop neckline verged on slightly risque for work however that was nothing a safety pin couldn't fix. Another little feature I love are the turn up cuffs, giving an almost 'Jetsons-esque' atomic look to the dress.
Now, I'm one for a bargain, and I absolutely love that the Vivi is a cheaper (and more readily available in the UK!) alternative for the Pinup Girl Clothing Birdie dress. Not quite a dupe, but similar nonetheless!
The only downfall in my eyes is that I would have loved for it to be a bit longer however that's just my fault for being so bloody tall...

Do you have the Vivi? Let me know your thoughts on it in the comments!

Love and Lindy Bop joy,

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