Saturday, 15 September 2012


I'm absolutely rubbish with posts in which I introduce myself, (especially when I know I'm essentially talking to no one), but my friend Arabella insisted that I had to do the generic "About Me" post. So here I am.

That's me (looking like a right idiot)

I love films, television and music (particularly ranting about them) and you will soon learn that I have my favourites.

I spend most (if not all) of my spare time listening to ridiculously melancholic impressionism. I also play the guitar. (I have an Applause Summit Series AE28 Ovation. She's called Isabella and she's beautiful.)

When I'm not pretending that my life is like a low budget indie film, I work at a small jewellery concession in a department store selling lovely sparkly things.

I think that you'll be seeing the next transitions of my life on this blog. My choice of career, my inspiration... So the next step up from tumblr.


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