Saturday, 20 October 2012

My sanctuary

I’ve always been pretty passionate about interior design. I mean, I made my dad take me to meet Linda Barker when i was 7 (he worked for DFS and she was the spokesperson, it was brilliant).
Although recently I’ve started to get a bit more serious about it. My room is something i take serious pride in (i like it to look like an ikea catalogue), I’m always changing furniture around or getting new wall hangings or looking for inspiration.
The thing that always held me back from pursuing my interest is the fact that i know it’s a hard business to get in to, much like being a chef or an actor, you’re only really getting great money/a lot of business if you’re famous. So throughout 6th form I convinced myself that I wanted to be a teacher. Bad move. I'm now working full time at a department store, wishing I had followed my heart instead of my head. That's not always a smart move, but a very good (and wise) friend of mine told me:
"Go for it. Don't go down the path you THINK is right when you know you'll only be partially happy or not happy at all. If this is your passion then you shouldn't dare give up on it. Yeah we need to survive or what not but If you KNOW it will make you happy in the long run then DEFINITELY go for it especially when it's a passion. (sic) Always take the risk of following your passion."
 And for that, I thank him.

Here are a few typically instagrammed (until I get a new camera) photos of my room Sanctuary. Excuse the layout, I'm still trying to get the hang of blogspot/blogger.

Plain Frame (Top): Ikea 99p (Print, Gemma Correll 2010)
Gold Frame (Right): Charity Shop 50p (Print, tumblr)
Gold Frame (Centre): Charity Shop £1 (Deer painting, tumblr)
Black Frame (Left): Urban Outfitters 3 for £10 (Print, tumblr)
Plain Frame (Bottom Right): Charity Shop 20p (Owl Print, tumblr)
Pencil Pot: IkeaDesk: Antique/Inherited
Bird Sticker: QD £2 (Came with a Bird cage sticker, too.)
Origami Crane: Handmade
DVD rack: The Range £15
Bunting: £8 Ebay
Pin board: £10 The Range (Close up below)
Dream Catcher: Handmade
Small Dream Catcher : Handmade
Images: Franco Manca Pizzeria Menu (Westfield Stratford)
            Gemma Correll Illustration
            A Midsummer Night's dream ticket (The Lyric)
            Pug Illustration*
            We Are Alone Sticker
            October Reef*
            Ferris Wheel*
            Music Notation Heart (La Valse d'Amelie)
            Bear Illustration*
            Train Tickets from London to Canterbury
             (to visit my boyfriend at university!)

(* indicates images found on tumblr/google)
My Bed!
Frame: Ikea (If you can't tell, I love the place) £90
Cover/Sheets: Ikea (Again) £10Fairy Lights: Ebay £4
Amy Winehouse Pictures: Personal gifts
Wallpaper: QD £5 a roll
Aforementioned Origami Cranes.
I made them using a technique I learnt in Art Club at Primary
School. I'm certain it's all over the internet somewhere.
The paper I used was the sheet music of
"La Valse d'Amelie", a song from one of  my favourite films,
'Amelie', composed by Yann Tiersen.
Under the cranes are small 'lucky stars' which I also learnt
to make at primary school, using 1 thin strip of paper.

Record Player : Inherited from Great Grandmother
Guitar: Gift from Uncle, 
Applause Summit Series AE28 by Ovation.
Cream Birdcage: Small independent shop in the Isle of Wight. £12
Pink Photo frame: Urban Outfitters 3 for £10
Lady Gaga print: Cut out from the Monster Ball 2011 Calender
Camera: Zeiss Ikon, Inherited from Grandfather.
Wooden Frame: Found it in my garage! Sorry!
Artist's model: Ikea
Three Ballet Figures and Brown Birdcage: Parlane, gifts from my Uncle.

Right, I'm off to Rainham to do a gig. Bye!

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