Thursday, 17 January 2013

Hermit crab

So after my upcoming operation on Tuesday morning, I will officially be, a hermit crab.

Ok so not really, but it's close enough. I'm not allowed outside for 2 weeks. I can't even be near an open window. How shit is that? So I'm finding things to keep me busy for 2 weeks whilst my poor little (umm) nose is healing up. So far I have:

  • re-downloaded the sims 2 (again)
  • bought some new watercolours incase a creative bug takes over me
  • bought some cool new dvds
  • lined up some tv shows to watch (namely breaking bad, because if i don't get round to watching it soon i think my boyfriend will fall out with me)
  • set up a queue on tumblr (in case i'm too weak to type in my url)
Any more ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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