Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Sophie the Foodie

I decided that in light of my new 'if I'm going to be healthy let's at least make it exciting' lifestyle, I pay tribute to my all round idol: cooking/domestic/sexual goddess Nigella Lawson.

As an avid reader of her blog and a shameless addict of her Facebook page (but seriously, those supper updates... Please can I be you? Pretty please?) I thought I should start being a foodie type person too. Because that's the only logical thought track, right? Which then lead to me deciding that in my new Domestic Goddess status, I should learn to use the oven shouldn't I? (Slight exaggeration, but ask anyone, it's not that far off.)

One thing I can make, pretty well if I do say so myself, if a damn good omelette. (Insert Benedict Cumberbatch's HIGNFY 'Damn good shag' here? No?) So why not extend on that? Because in all honesty, egg and cheese gets a bit boring in the end doesn't it?

SO, with a massive mug full of green tea and lemon (my new favourite beverage don't you know) I trawled my fridge and decided that red pepper, red onion and parmasan would be a nice combo. (Don't laugh, it's scrummy) Thus, Sophie's super hearty and super chunky red type omelette thing was born.


Flora sunflower oil cooking spray
2-3 Medium eggs. (I use two, but you never know, you might be well hungry.)
1 medium Red Pepper
1/2 Red Onion
Grated Parmasan (or you could do it yourself, you posh thing, you.)


1. Chop up the Pepper and the onion. I like to keep the pepper quite chunky and the onion fine, as I think the texture in the outcome is beautiful.
2. Chuck them onto the hob with 1 spray of the flora, just to brown them up a bit whilst you crack the eggs.
3. VERY IMPORTANT!! In my opinion, the secret to a perfect omelette is all in the beating (ooer madam). DO. NOT. WHISK! Literally, just break your eggs into a jug, break the yolks and stir it no more than five times. You want lots of definition between the yolk and the whites still. If you want fluffy, this is the trick. If you whisk and beat them like you're making scrambled egg, then I hope you're looking forward to an egg pancake.
4. Chuck the peppers and onions into the jug with the eggs, then chuck everything from the jug back into the pan.
5. Cook to desired look, then sprinkle parmasan over when complete.

Ok, ok, so I'm not Nigella. I get that. My omelettes come out looking like wet flannels. But the thing is, I don't care what they look like because they taste bloody marvelous. So, from now on, I'm going to let my little creative mind think up some other quite frankly amazing recipes in my bid to become: Sophella Lawson.

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