Monday, 22 April 2013


The sheer soulfulness, soft rock-steady beats and 50s/60s rock’n’roll vibes that come across in this album are things that I can compare to Amy’s earlier work, in the ‘Frank’ era. Opening with a true Winehouse-style cover of the Ruby & the Romantics song ‘Our Day Will Come’ sets the mood for the album which all in all displays Amy’s raw, beautiful talent, it’s just a shame that we have come to discover these songs after her tragic passing. Amy’s duet with Tony Bennett ‘Body and Soul’ presents a timeless spine tingling merge of two legend’s smooth-as-velvet voices. The album also includes re-workings of Amy’s more mainstream songs, ‘Valerie’ and ‘Tears Dry on their own’, the latter of which has been aptly shortened to simply ‘Tears Dry’ and has also had the tempo and chord sequences changed to create a sound that I can only liken to the music in the ending credits of a sad romantic film from the 60s. The song to look out for on the album is ‘Will you still love me tomorrow?’, an incredible song originally recorded by The Shirelles, teamed with Miss Winehouse’s powerful vocals, which you will not experience the full beauty and tragedy of until you hear it for yourself. If you happen to own a record player, I highly recommend purchasing the Lioness: Hidden Treasures LP as the whole sound and feel of the album just sounds magical when played. I guess people expect me to be somewhat biased when it comes to Amy’s music, but I can truthfully say that I adore this album, and I would still love it just as much having had I not had that connection with her. A well deserved five stars for this spectacular album from a tragically beautiful woman. Rest in peace Amy.

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