Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Highstreet Summer Sale Haul!

Bonjour my precious cherubs,

Today I met the wonderful Marie for a catch up and gossip in the town as I haven't seen her for so long, what with her being at University in Sunderland and all. This little catch up soon turned in to a full blown shopping trip, and once you see what I bought [and the prices I bought them at!!] you won't blame me.

Sandals - £7 [Reduced from £14.99]
Ring - £2 [Reduced from £3.50]

T Shirt - £6.99 [Reduced from £8.99]

Okay, so this isn't from the sale... But it sure did make me smell nice and make my nails look pertty!
My finished nails feat. The £2 H&M ring!
A little tip for jeweller's metal rings- Coat the inside with clear nail varnish to avoid the dreaded green finger! Works wonders!

What's been your best summer bargain so far?

Love and super-thrifty sparkles,

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