Thursday, 15 August 2013

Curvy Kate 'Princess' Review

Courtesy of the ever-wonderful D-K cup lingerie brand Curvy Kate and their great PR and social media team, I received this beautiful Princess in the black colourway as part of their #FreebieFriday competition on Twitter. Now, I was sitting around a pool sunbathing in Fuetreventura when I received the message that I had won so you can imagine that I was totes on cloud nine!

My package came wrapped up beautifully in hot pink tissue paper! Adorable!
Being a girl with a small back and big cup, it was always a given that I would love Curvy Kate. Their designs are practical, comfortable and supportive, all with the extra bonus of being drop dead gorgeous! The Princess, in particular, is my personal favourite. It gives a beautiful rounded shape thanks to it's excellent side support, comfortably holding you whilst making you look and feel like a true 'Princess' all the while! As a bra fitter myself, I love seeing ladies reactions when I put them in the Princess. I've even had one lady cry because she didn't know she could look so lovely and was excited to feel sexy for her husband again! Aww!

Please do excuse the many colours of my chest- that's what sunburn does to you. Wear sunblock, kids.
I think the thing I like most about the Princess is the super sweet and bang-on-trend raised polka dots, giving a lovely velvety texture to the bra too! Adorable flower lace adorns the edges of the cup and straps, adding a more feminine touch. In other various colourways, the flowers are duel toned with a ribbon running through, beautifully demonstrated in my Wine/Grape Princess, the Seasonal colourway from AW11.

Needless to say, I am SO excited for the Tigerlily/Rose colourway from the SS14 collection and simply cannot wait to get my hands on it! I can imagine that the peachy coral hues look wonderful with a tan! 

Again I would like to give massive thank you to Himare and the Curvy Kate team for the stunning set, and best of luck to everyone retweeting away next Friday!

What is your favourite Curvy Kate bra?

Love and Princess sparkles, 

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