Sunday, 25 August 2013

Hey, +4 method. The 1970s called. They want their technique back.

"I'm sorry I'm in such a state, I was just fitted for a bra at *insert famous high-street store here* and they fitted me at a larger back size than I was before I lost 3 stone. It really upset me and I was hoping you could help."

No, that isn't a 'worst case scenario' made up line. That is something that was actually said to me at work, just a couple of months ago. The sad truth is, that a woman in her early 20s was fit as a 38 band in this particular high street shop, having been a 36 band when she was 3 stone heavier, and actually only a 32 band when correctly measured by me that same day. Needless to say she was over the moon and is now a returning customer.

And unfortunately, this is something we get more often than we would like. It seems that a vast majority of high street stores that offer a measuring service are fitting girls at a much bigger back size than they actually are, meaning that their bra will raise up at the back and fall forward at the front, effectively defeating the purpose of the bra all together.

Unfortunately, the customers then take the advice of the supposedly trained fitter and refuse to believe their actual size when fitted correctly, protesting that it's "too tight" or that they "don't want [their] back fat showing". The number of teenage girls I fit who wear, for example, 34C when they should be in a 30F or even 28 is astounding.

I am a BestForm trained fitter and always fit to the bra instead of the person, as I am a firm believer in the fact that you do not simply have one bra size. I for example wear 30F in some Fantasie and Freya styles, 32F and E in BestForm, 30FF in Curvy Kate, 32G in Knickerbox, 30F in Lepel and 32E in Triumph. The high street shop in question, whose name I will kindly not mention, have fitted me between 34 and 36 C/D. Shocking, isn't it? 

Part of me wants to say that it's because they don't stock lower than a 32 or higher than a DD. Another part of me wants to say its because they were trained by watching a video. 

Who am I to judge anyway? It makes me happy when I send people away in a good fitting bra that makes them feel confident and sexy.

What was your last fitting experience like?

Love and lace forever, 

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