Sunday, 8 September 2013

...and so they lived Happily Ever After.

Hello chickens,

On Saturday 7th September I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Wedding of my dear friends Warren and Joanna, otherwise known as Prince and Princess Sparklepuff!

Everything about the day was breathtaking. From the church to the reception to the tiny but well thought out details and trinkets, every second was spellbinding. Before I start off, here'd what I wore!

Hell Bunny red and white Polka dot swing dress with New Look peep-toe stilettos
We started off at the church for a very emotional and magical ceremony, with heartwearming surprises such as our theatre company singing a wonderful (and at times- hilarious!) rendition of 'Oh Maria' from Sister Act! Not so surprisingly, I cried throughout and only really stopped as we left!

A picture speaks a thousand words.
Then on to the photos in the grounds of a beautiful listed local house and arts centre, followed by bucks fizz and champagne while we waited for everyone to finish their posing!

The beautiful Bride Joanna!
We then moved on to our local theatre for the meal and reception, which caused lots of gasping and dumbfoundedness due to the absolutely stunning decoration and layout. We had never seen it looking so beautiful in there! The whole theme was quite vintage, with most of the room adorned in lace bunting and matching table runners, antique pianos in the corners and trinkets of all shapes and sizes scattered around to give a true personal feel. There was even a photobooth! How adorable!

The reception venue
The stage all dolled up!
White roses!
Another wonderful surprise during the reception was that we had planned a flashmob to Jo and Warren's favourite song during the bets man's speech, which was absolutely fantastic and conjured a fantastic reaction from the clueless Bride and Groom!

The Bride and Groom
As the night went on, we made room for a dancefloor, obviously letting the happy couple have their first dance before we started to party!

Overall, the day was completely wonderful and joyous, with an overwhelming feeling of magic and love being shared throughout. I'm so glad to have been a part of their special day.

Here'd to a long and love filled marriage of two wonderful soulmates who truly deserve it.

Love and sparkles!

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