Thursday, 17 October 2013


"Chuvs; a street brand which has tastes of high-end and premium qualities. Created by de gang who are just 'Chillin' Here Until Vacation Starts.'"

Quite recently, I was contacted by the independent clothing brand Chuvs to take a look at their new products. A representative kindly sent me a sample t-shirt from their latest collection.

[Shirt kindly modeled by my brother Kieren]

I think my favourite thing about the shirt is the simple yet bold and eye-catching design. The colours contrast in such a way that it's impossible not to be drawn to the luxury quality patch logo. The logo itself puts me in mind of American football, a global unisex trend for A/W'13 and even branching out into S/S'14, merged with a clear urban London street vibe, without the risk of being too 'hipster'.

The t-shirt is comfortable and light in 100% cotton, and can be worn throughout the seasons effortlessly. Rolled sleeves and cut-off denims are a sure fire team for spring/summer, and for autumn/winter, a draw string hoodie along with skinny jeans and vans would be a hit.

I know that so many of my friends (and of course, relatives) will love the look and feel of Chuvs as a brand, in fact, my brother has already stolen the shirt from me!

A bit about the company,,,

Chuvs, as a company, formed in September 2012 and began with many basic t-shirts with uniquely hand-drawn designs. The positive response provided a platform for the following winter releases of 2012. Early 2013 saw a successful gathering in SOHO, London where Representatives and followers of the brand gathered to browse current and unreleased merchandise. Since then, Chuvs has released stock in limited amount online and have experiences a growing amount of interest globally.

Visit their website here and bigcartel here to see their full range of products.


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