Sunday, 16 June 2013

Greased Lightening...

I've just returned from the most wonderful place in the world.

Okay, I may be exaggerating, but it's not far off. My Boyfriend's parent's took us to Brook's Diner in Southgate, a 50's style American Diner type restaurant. Hearing the description excited me enough, but actually walking in... Wow. I felt like I was in some sort of haven. Rocking up in my 50's swing dress courtesy of Lindy Bop, pin curled locks and cat eye sunglasses, I was right at home.

The decor was gorgeous. Monochrome with splashes of bright red, everything shiny and gorgeous, walls adorned with photos of various film and music stars, along with guitars and other bits of music memorabilia. On the front of the menu, a Sailor Jerry-esque pin up girl, immediately exciting me even more, if it were possible.

Oh but the food. God the food. I chose a Cheese and Bacon Burger with Fries (screw the diet, just for today) and it was glorious. Mum-in-law opted for Scampi and Fries while the boy and Pa-in-law went for Supersized Burgers with everything on it. I also had a gorgeous Strawberry milkshake which would put every other drink of the same name to shame. 

In short, I had a fabulous time and would recommend it to anyone, whether you're a fan of the era or not. The service was spectacular and George, the owner, is a warm, funny and welcoming man. So, if you can't quite see the address in the picture above and find yourself in the North London area, the address is:

24 Hampden Square
N14 5JR

Let me know if you've visited before or are planning to!

Love and sparkles,
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