Friday, 21 June 2013

Lingerie Autumn/Winter '13 collection favourites...

Fantasie's 'Elodie' in fashion colour Teal. I adore the Elodie and feel like a temptress when I wear it. So believe me, when we get this at work, I will be all over it like a fly to jam.

Freya's 'Ooh la la'. Need I say more? I'm in love. This is a definite Christmas time treat!

Gossard's 'Felicity' in Aqua. Not very AW in terms of colouring, but stunning nonetheless. My love for Gossard is creeping back, the Glossies seem like a distant bad dream.

I'm sure I'll add to this list, but these are the first three that spring to mind. Very Eveden dominated as you can see, but who doesn't love a bit of Freya/Fantasie?

What are you looking out for this AW?

Love and lingerie,

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